Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Time Favorites: 2011

Hey Everyone!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!
Since the year 2011 is coming to a close, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things from this past year. I chose 11 of my top favorites, all in different categories! This is all just a random compilation of things I have enjoyed, and will still enjoy during the last few days of 2011!
Here goes... (in no particular order)
1) Favorite Moment: Saying 'I Do'

By far.. the best day!

2) Favorite Book(s): James Patterson 'Alex Cross' Series

I'm currently on the 12th book of this series... I think there are 18 books.. but I am not stopping until I finish reading them ALL!

3) Favorite Beauty Product: Nars Powder Blush 'Lovejoy'

This is the perfect Rosy blush I've tried so far.. it has the perfect amount of shimmer, a bronzy undertone, and looks fabulous on any skin tone!

4) Favorite Fashion Trend: Sparkles

Sparkles, Glitter and Sequins. Love Love Love!

5) Favorite Food: Red Velvet Cupcakes

YUM! One of my closest friends Kelli makes the best Red Velvet in the whole wide world! Red Velvet Cupcakes were also used on my wedding day instead of the traditional wedding cake =)

6) Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Believe it or not, I have never tried Dr. Pepper before this year, and I must say... it is awesome! I think I drank Dr. Pepper everyday with my lunch for like a straight 4-5 months =p and Yes, I probably have an addictive personality..

7) Favorite Candy: Fruity Mentos

Amazingly, I haven't gotten sick off of eating too many of these in an hour time span.. *knock on wood*

8) Favorite Electronic: NOOK Tablet

I've been using this thing every single stinking day since I got it! My favorite hobby is reading, so I've named the Nook my new best friend!

9) Favorite Album: Adele '21'

Loooove Adele... still can't stop listening to her soulful voice!

10) Favorite Addiction:

When I first discovered Pinterest at the middle of this year, I lost soooo much sleep staying up all night looking at all the cool photos that people would pin =p I admit, it made me feel like I was being creative.. when really, I just wish I was that creative lol

11) Favorite TV Show: The Rachel Zoe Project/Jersey Shore

Ok, I could not pick just ONE! It was a toss up for this category =)

What were some of your favorite things of 2011?


aly7 said...

hey janalyn! i feel like i havent talked to you in forever! hows your new blog going? i miss your old blog! anyway, i just got the UD naked palette and i wanted to tell you that i have a review of it up. i know we used to always talk about getting it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations the website is great! Your mom turned me on to it tonight. Love the wallpaper on your blogs. Hope to see more. Happy 2012.