Saturday, January 28, 2012

Interior Design Ideas: Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Hey All!
I just wanted to share with you this cool interior design idea that I thought looked pretty darn fantabulous! They are Mason Jar Light Fixtures!
They have a rustic, farmhouse appeal that I think can really change the feel of a room, with something so small and simple.
I researched different ways of making these… and they are time consuming and require a lot of tools. Plus, I am faaaar from being an electrician or anything of that nature, so I would never try to make one of these on my own. I would probably end up starting a fire =P But you can definitely try it! lol
If you wanted to try this for yourself, Walmart has a set of 12 (1 Quart) Mason Jars for only $17.98! You can even change the color of the jars using food coloring and white glue!
I figured I could start off small by just dropping a tea light inside the jar, instead of using actual light bulbs that require electricity. Then maybe I can work myself up to making a chandelier or something =P
Here are some inspiring ones that I found!
This is what Ill probably start off with =D


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Lauren and Marika said...

love your blog! thanks so much for following!!! ps this is such a good idea :) xx
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What broad daylight isn't today?