Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauty Picks of the Month: February 2012

It is the beginning of February, so it’s time for another Beauty Picks of the Month post! We all need our beauty fix!
Makeup brands have been launching their Spring 2012 Collections, and since Spring is my favorite season for seeking out new beauty finds, I was really excited! Color, color, and more color! I also had to throw in the new Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette =)
I wasn’t going to list ALL the Spring launches, so I chose my top picks that I thought were worth sharing =D MAC has an array of different Spring collections which will be available at different times in February, and the only one I really took an interest in was the MAC Cook collection. Not so sure if I’ll be buying any of these, so I didn’t list it, but it’s worth checking out.
Here goes!
Have a fabulous February!
I was actually really looking forward to what Essie was going to come up with for their Spring collection, but I was just really disappointed.. the colors just didn't WOW me.. But then... I saw the Butter London collection and was like.. 'Hallelujah!' I tend to like more creamy, matte nail colors so Im really loving 'Bossy Boots', 'Slapper' and 'Trout Pout' the most out of this collection.

Ive never owned a single Bobbi Brown product, EVER, throughout my entire makeup career! Pretty sad huh?! lol I hear so many mixed reviews on their products that Im always sitting on the fence when it comes to really purchasing.. but, I thought their new collection of Lip Colors and Shimmer Bricks will be worth a try. Those bright lipsticks are really tempting me =P

Of course I couldn't exclude Chanel from this list! Glossimers are my all time favorite lipgloss so I had to put their Spring collection on here. They will probably put a hole in my pocket, but the glossimers are just one of those products that make a girl feel special =D

Ok, the infamous Naked 2 palette! Dun Dun Dun... Didn't get the first one since they are ALWAYS soldout wherever I go.. so I thought I would work my way backwards and get the Naked 2 palette FIRST! They priced it $2.00 higher than the first Naked palette, don't know what the deal is with that.. I guess because its so popular, but if your getting 12 amazing eyeshadows... its still only $4.17 per eyeshadow..

Im more of a tinted moisturizer kind of gal, and NARS has never seemed to fail me with any of their products so far. Ive been using the popular Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, which works great, but I thought this product would add a little more luminosity to my complexion for the Spring and Summer months. Don't know how much coverage this product has, but I guess I will just have to wait and see! Available February 1st at Nordstrom, but Ill probably wait to buy it on their website available February 15th.

What are your February Beauty Picks? Have you tried any of these products yet, or plan too? I would love to know!


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