Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kitchen Gadgets: Mint Green Goodness

To add to our Mint Green obsession, I stumbled upon this Pistachio colored KitchenAid Mixer, that I instantly fell in love with. Although all KitchenAid Mixers are a bit pricey ($300-$900 price range), they are absolutely worth it! You can make anything from pasta, sausage, or even ice cream with this mixer! If you love cooking or baking, you probably have one of these in your kitchen already! But I thought I would share this on going obsession of mine with mint green.

Here are a few other minty green kitchen gadgets you could add into your home:

Dualit 3 Slice Toaster from Go Electrical
Retro Drink Mixer by Waring
Food and Drink Mixer by Waring

Smart Stick Hand Blender by Cuisinart

Kitchen Timer with Magnet by Fox Run


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