Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkey Day: Simple and Natural Centerpiece Ideas

We found these centerpiece ideas from Better Homes and Gardens that bring simplicity to the hectic holiday season. You can easily make these centerpieces yourself without all the hustle and bustle. These centerpieces use natural foliage as well as items that you probably already have lying around the house! With one less thing to stress out about, you can focus more on relaxing with family, friends, and food! Check out our favorites!

Golden Wheat

Fill the glass vase with dried white beans and stick a bunch of wheat inside! Tada!

Pear Perfect

All you need is a glass vase or a glass hurricane, and some pears! Guests can munch on them too as a snack or tie pretty tags to each pear so guests can take them home as favors!

Branch Out

Take a planter or a pot and fill the bottom half with rocks, marbles, stones, anything to weigh the pot down. Fill the remaining half of the pot with dry florist foam and stick a maple branch in the middle. Cover the pot with a jute bag and you've got a beautiful centerpiece!

Leaves and Berries

Just take a bunch of Autumn leaves and berries, and place them in a glass cup for an elegant display, or a tin cup for a more rustic country vibe!

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