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Beauty Picks of the Month: March 2012

Hey Everyone!!

Its the beginning of the month, which means its time for another Beauty Picks of the Month!

Spring is the perfect time of the year to really play with color! In the psychology of color, it is believed that a lot of the time, the colors you wear or surround yourself with, directly affects the mood your in. One of the greatest artists in our time, Pablo Picasso once said 'Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.' 

In small doses, certain colors can be used to evoke feelings and emotions such as love, comfort, warmth, cheer, excitement and serenity. That being said, using different shades of bright lipstick colors such as reds, pinks, and corals can improve your mood as well as the moods of people around you, in an instant! For this Spring, don't be afraid to bust out that hot pink lipstick that's been lying around. Take a risk and own it =)

Here are some lipstick beauty picks for March, specifically chosen to start off the Spring season:

Lancome 'Rouge in Love' Lipstick'
$25.00 each
24 different shades
Sub-grouped into 3 different groups each with their own browns, pinks and reds:

Jolis Matins: Daytime
Boudoir Time: Cocktail hour
Tonight Is My Night: Nighttime

picture taken from:

These exciting colors are brand new to Lancome! I recently found out about their launch from none other than the famous beauty YouTube guru Michelle Phan, in her video 'Rouge in Love'. The color is highly pigmented and can last up to 6 hours! Its moisturizing and lightweight, and they have a ton of different shades to try. If your hesitant about trying some of the brighter colors, start with a color like 'Jolis Matins' which is a soft peach or 'Roses in Love' which is a rosy pink. If you get comfortable wearing one of these shades, try kicking it up one notch and go for a color like 'Miss Coquelicot' a bright coral, or 'Midnight Rose' a fuschia pink!

MAC 'Too Supreme' Sheen Supreme Lipstick Collection Spring 2012
$14.50 each
13 shades (10 cream finish, 3 frost finish)

picture taken from:

MAC came out with their modified Sheen Supreme lipsticks last Spring 2011, which have a  sheer glossy finish. These new Sheen Supreme lipsticks, called 'Too Supreme', are said to have more color, and more shine! A couple of shades such as 'Insanely It' and 'Bare Again' were revamped for the 'Too Supreme' collection, but 11 of the other colors are brand new to the Sheen Supreme lipstick collection, which will be added to the regular line of Sheen Supreme lipsticks, making a grand total of 24 different shades! Colors such as 'Insanely It', 'Zen Rose' (limited edition), and 'Royal Azalea' are all fun and unique colors to try out for Spring!

Dior 'Dior Addict Extreme' Lipstick
$30.00 each
16 different shades (4 are exclusive to Sephora)

pictures taken from: and
Sephora Exclusive 'Saint Tropez' 336
Sephora Exclusive 'Pink Icon' 366
Sephora Exclusive 'Holiday' 479
Sephora Exclusive 'Cruise' 486
I've always been a big fan of Dior, and their new line of lipsticks 'Dior Addict Extreme' is made to be long lasting, and plumping as well! They have a great variety of color, from your nudest nude, to your darkest berry! Great colors to try this Spring would be 'Lucky', 'Plaza' and 'Riviera', all bold and bright colors!

Smashbox 'Be Legendary' Lipstick (limited edition)
$19.00 each
22 different shades (cream and matte)

only showing 10 of the 22 shades. picture taken from:
There are actually 22 different shades in Smashbox's 'Be Legendary' lipstick collection, and they are all Limited Edition! So grab one, or maybe a few, before they sell out! They are supposedly very creamy and glide on smoothly. Shades I would recommending grabbing would be most of their bright matte colors ('Infrared Matte', 'Fuchsia Flash Matte', and 'Electric Pink Matte') because you don't see bright matte lipsticks too often, although a lot of makeup companies seem to be catching onto the matte lipstick trend that everyone loves to rock these days!

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