Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hairstyles: The Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is the number one classic hairstyle. Its super easy to do and it looks so effortless but still clean and pulled together. This hairstyle can make any woman look professional and confident!

Here's how its done!

Soft Bristle Brush or Comb
Heat Protector (optional)
1.5" - 2" Curling Iron (optional)
Elastic Band
Bobby Pins

Step 1: (optional for those who have thin or sparse hair)
Spray a heat protector throughout your hair. This will also add some texture. Then lightly curl your hair with your curling iron.

Step 2:
Use your comb or soft bristle brush to work your hair into a high ponytail, however high you want your bun to be. Make sure your hair is pulled up smoothly so there are no bumps.

Step 3:
Tie your hair in a ponytail with an elastic and lightly spray your ponytail with hairspray.

Step 4:
Start back combing your ponytail from the bottom with a comb or soft bristle brush.

Step 5:
Twist your ponytail slowly forming a circle around your elastic band. Tuck the end of the pony tail under and pin with a bobby pin. Use pins to tuck away any stray hairs and to secure your bun so it is snug.

Step 6:
Lightly spray with a finishing hairspray to keep hair in place.

Tada! Your ready for a fun night out on the town with your best girl friends!

**You are free to use any products similar to the ones above to get the same hairstyle. Try out your own techniques and see what works best with your hair type!

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