Monday, October 29, 2012

Big Changes: Hello.. and Goodbye [25% off Sitewide]

For the last several months, the hubby and I were contemplating moving ourselves and our business to California... My husband is originally from San Diego, and he has been throwing around the idea of moving back ever since I met him 4 years ago. I was always adamant about staying in Hawaii, so I never really took it seriously until recently...

Since our business grew in such a short amount of time, there were so many changes and sacrifices that we have had to learn to adapt to... working around the clock, finding new spaces to store inventory in our already small living space, cramming in meetings and photoshoots, and budgeting our time between the business, both of our other careers, and trying to live our daily lives.

After going back and forth about a million times in my head whether we should stay or go.. we have finally come to a decision...

We are now proud to announce that we will be relocating to sunny San Diego, California! Ahhhh!!!

I will be so so sad to leave my roots in Hawaii, but everything was telling me it was time to make some big changes, and I finally took the leap!

Hello San Diego =) ... and Goodbye Hawaii =(

**Our main base will still be in Hawaii, but we will now be shipping out from San Diego, CA

To lessen our load for moving day, we wanted to host a BIG SALE! Everything will be 25% off SITEWIDE!! Between Monday October 29th - Wednesday November 7th!


**We will not be shipping out any orders between Thursday November 8th through Thursday November 15th. All orders received during that period will be sent out Friday November 16th. Please note that Express Shipping will not be available during this time. 

Thanks so much!!

Janalyn Francisco
The August Wrinkle Family

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**rk** said...

Congratulations Jana! Onward and upwards, I say!