Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Obsession: Black and White Horse Photography

I recently became fascinated.. well.. more like obsessed.. with horse photography, particularly in black and white!

I don't know what brought upon this new found obsession of mine, but I find horses to be so mysterious and almost like they are magical creatures.. I never took the time to notice. Living in Hawaii, I don't get to see any wild horses so it's just fascinating to me!

I came across the website which had nearly 1,500 black and white horse photographs! ahhh!! I literally went through each page of photos, pinning the ones that captured me. Some of them I wasn't able to pin.. probably because of copyright issues.. but I got 25 favorites out of the 1,482 to be exact! I created a pinboard just for this purpose! I know.. Im also a pin addict =P

Still on the hunt for more so I can narrow down my favorites to the ones I want printed =)

Here are a few:

Unique by Jeffrey Bake

Praise for the Morning by Katie Abrams
Storm Horse by Tammy Mckinley

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