Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter 2012 Lookbook: 'Glistening Winter'

Hey Everyone!

In the midst of all the moving and unpacking, we are so excited to feature our new lookbook for Winter called 'Glistening Winter'! Just in time for the holiday season!

When planning for this lookbook, we envisioned cheerful and festive, yet mysterious and romantic in the misty evergreen forest. It started to rain the moment we started shooting, but it turns out that the rain was in our favor! The rain drops made the trees and leaves sparkle and glisten in the afternoon sunlight!

It was also our first time officially working with Larson Talent Management where we got the opportunity to work with the bubbly and sweet, Ashlee Kozuma, who is the current Miss Teen United States! How awesome is that?! Her mom was also on set to lend a helping hand when needed! 

Some of the props you see in the lookbook were DIY projects that were created by a few of the August Wrinkle family and the help of my 7 year old niece! Who surprisingly had the best results when it came to crafts! Kelli who also helped with the crafts was on location to help with the wardrobe and keeping our personal items safe from strangers in the forest!

We also had the amazing opportunity to work with a professional hair stylist April, who did an excellent job with the hair! It did rain, but we got a few great shots of April's talented hair styling skills in some of the photos!

Again, we got to work with Kaoru Kohashigawa from Novalee Photo who always knows the perfect lighting and eye for what we are trying to achieve! Thank you so much for making our vision come to life, one more time! And Carson, thank you so much for being the hands on deck!

We are so grateful to have had so much help this time around, and I just wanted to give thanks to all of you who helped in the making of this lookbook!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season! Lets Enjoy It!

Janalyn Francisco
The August Wrinkle Family

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