Monday, June 4, 2012

Album of the Moment: Birdy (Deluxe Version Debut Album)

If you haven't heard of soulful indie singer Birdy before, you must must must check out her album! The album is comprised with a bunch of well known covers which are performed in Birdy's own unique rendition. She also has an original song on there 'Without A Word'. Her voice is so innocent and pure that you will be instantly drawn to her music.

Our favorite song by far is her piano rendition of Bon Iver's ever so popular 'Skinny Love'. We've heard many covers of this song before, but nothing compares to Birdy's version, we just cant get enough of it, along with over 24 million people and counting who have clicked on her YouTube video! We cant wait for her next album to drop!

Song List:

1. 1901
2. Skinny Love
3. People Help the People
4. White Winter Hymnal
5. The District Sleeps Alone
6. I'll Never Forget You
7. Young Blood
8. Shelter
9. Fire and Rain
10. Without a Word
11. Terrible Love
12. Comforting Sounds (Bonus Track)*
13. Farewell and Goodnight (Bonus Track)*
14. People Help the People (Bonus Track)*

*Deluxe Version

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