Friday, May 31, 2013

Bulletin Board: Out of Stock Items Update

Hey Everyone!

We have been getting all of your item requests for 'Out of Stock' items and we are here to give you a full update. On items that we will not be restocking we have found some close alternatives that are relatively within the same price range. // miss congeniality dress
This particular dress has been our most requested and we are unable to restock the exact same dress, but we did find a close alternative. We can bring in this alternative, pictured above right, but it does have a different back. It is a zipper back instead of open. Please let us know your thoughts. If this dress would suffice in place of the Miss Congeniality dress we would love to know!

need you now top //
Because we are unable to provide a restock for this top, we found a very close alternative at Very very similar and with the same price, but with a pearl edged neckline.

down by the water top //
This top we are also unable to restock, but this alternative could work. The alternative is semi-sheer with cap sleeves and the collar is a bit different but, it's the closest style that we have found so far.

Last but not least...

dog days satchel in navy //

dog days satchel in navy //
Our second most requested item, which was by far the hardest to find anything remotely close, was the Dog Days Satchel in Navy. We did find two different alternatives. The first from is the same size, pretty close in color except it is a canvas material instead of leatherette (polyurethane).

The second alternative from is a bit smaller (9x9 instead of 15x12). This one comes with a top handle and can be converted into a backpack.

We hope you will find this information helpful since we are unable to fulfill a lot of these restock requests. Please let us know if we could be of any more assistance!

Love and Aloha,
Janalyn Francisco
and the August Wrinkle Family

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