Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Etsy Finds: Spa Date

While browsing through Etsy, I stumbled upon some of the cutest and most delectable bath soaps, salts, bombs, etc. and I couldn't stop looking!

I quickly grew fond of a few of the shops! Here they are!

They've got some great bath salts I would love to try! Their products are 100% natural and vegan, great for those with sensitive skin (me!). They also have some great bar soaps I would love to try also (especially the Bamboo Charcoal, very interesting) and also their lip balms! You can never have enough lip balm =)

Also a natural and vegan shop, they have the prettiest bath melts and bath bombs! Their lip balms also have cute packaging as well! You can even get it customize and try a variety of their melts and bombs like the one below! A great gift to give a host or hostess!

When I first saw the items in this shop, everything looked so serene I wanted to try everything! I especially want to try their soaps and their Lavender Bath Salt. Their rescue balms are also interesting, it would be a great present for the hubby! They also have some great gift sets available and they even do wedding favors! You can save 5% on your entire order until December 18th with the code: SECRETSANTA5

I've always had problems finding a good body polish.. they all seemed to leave a wierd and funky residue.. maybe it was the synthetic ingredients? Im not sure, but the body polishes from AquaBlossom are made with all natural ingredients, which Im hoping will work out for me! They also have a ton of lip butters and other great spa essentials!

Ok I cannot get over how cute these fizzy bath bombs are! They all look like tiny scoops of ice cream, and they are all only $1.25 each! Some of the fun flavors include Jelly Donut, Rootbeer, Candy Shop, and Cotton Candy to name a few. You could also get a gift set with 6 fizzies for $10!

Last but certainly not least, LoveLeeSoaps has the most soap shape varieties I have ever come across! Their food soaps look so real, if you put it out on a table, people would probably eat them without thinking twice! I love this fawn soap set though, it would be so cute to display in our bathroom for Christmas!

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